White Pen

Stella White Pen removes stains, discolorations and yellow shades on your teeth. The application is extremely easy thanks to the special brush that allows you to reach every corner and angle of the teeth you wish to bleach. The pen is convenient as you can bring it with you everywhere you go for quick touch-ups. The formula we use in Stella White Pen is the result of years of research which has resulted in the best product on the market today.

• Developed by dentists

• Easy to use and bring with you everywhere you go

• Reaches all angles of your teeth

Stella White Pen has a lasting effect: Your teeth can stay white for several years. They will always remain whiter than they were before you whitened them using Stella White’s teeth whitening pen. Your pen is able to access all surfaces of your teeth and you can bring it with you everywhere you go because of its convenient size and simplicity. The pen is all you need for a white smile. Just apply a thin layer of whitening formula through the brush of the pen and let it act against your discolorations. The gel will be released to the brush by twisting the bottom of the pen. Whitening starts immediately after application and continues to make your teeth whiter throughout the day. You can decide yourself how much whiter you want your teeth to get as you can continue treatment until you have reached your desired results. As simple as that! Each Stella White Pen contains 2 ml Peroxide-free gel for 30 full applications.