15MinWhite Kit (Apple)

The 15MinWhite kit from Stella White provides an opportunity for many men and women to see improvement in the brightness of their smile. This product is an exclusive and effective way of whitening the teeth on the go. It is easy to use and only takes 15 minutes per day during the week to get satisfying results.

For a lot of people, their smile says everything about them. It’s not always easy to get that smile and many at home whitening products are hard to use and have limitedly benefits to users. However, the 15MinWhite kit is different.

The kit contains everything needed for those who have teeth that may have become discolored or yellow.

Start with using the Easy Apply whitening gel and brush all sides of the teeth that you want to get whiter. Then use the Stella White Light mouthpiece with 16 LED lights that is powered with connection to your Apple or Android phone. Leave Stella White Light in your mouth for 15-30 minutes and continue the treatment for 7 days.

Stella White Light uses cutting edge technology combined with advanced teeth whitening gel to help improve the coloring of the teeth. The gel has a fresh, soothing mint flavor that leaves you feeling clean.

You'll see a brilliant blue light activate during the process. The Stella White Light warms up slightly and the heat works to activate and accelerate the way the whitening gel works. This process allows for a faster process and cuts down the time you have to whiten your teeth.

The 15MinWhite is designed to offer a non-sensitive teeth whitening experience. If you know that your teeth are normally sensitive, we recommend accompanying any whitening treatment with a premium tooth paste with fluoride, such as Every Day from Stella White.

This is our most recommended teeth whitening system because of its effectiveness and ease of use. Most people can whiten their teeth as much as five shades in just a few days. All teeth are different and results may vary.

It’s time to improve the way your smile looks!

Package contains: Stella White Light, 4 ML Easy Apply whitening gel, Storage container, Instruction manual.

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