Snore Comfort

The Snore Comfort Dental Device

Snoring is a common problem that affects nearly 80 million people in the United States and many more in Europe. Because chronic snoring can be a sign of major health problems like sleep apnea and obesity, Stella White, together with dentists, have developed a mandibular advancement device, the Snore Comfort Dental Device, to minimize snoring.



  • Breath While You Sleep
  • Adjustable Fit
  • High Quality Material
  • Maximum Comfort


How the Snore Comfort Dental Device Works

The Snore Comfort dental device is an anti-snoring mandibular advancement device. It is a custom fit device that has been designed to minimize snoring by slightly adjusting the position of your lower jaw while you are sleeping. This slight adjustment can open the upper airway and increase the airflow instead of it being a narrow opening that would cause you to snore.


With the use of the Snore Comfort dental device, the airway is now open and there are minimized vibrations. Snoring is actually vibrations from a narrow airway. With the open airway, no more snoring! It's that easy and effective!

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