Grind Light

Grind Light can give you the peace of mind knowing that, when you go to sleep tonight, your teeth are protected. The Grind Light comfort-fit dental guard is easy to use, comfortable, and effective.



  • 2 Dental Guards Included
  • Adjustable Fit
  • High Quality Material
  • Maximum Comfort


What Are the Risks Nighttime Teeth Grinding Can Cause?


Nighttime teeth grinding, a condition known as bruxism, puts as much as 250 pounds of force on your teeth. It can cause headaches, dulling of the teeth, jaw pain, and difficulty sleeping.


What Does Grind Light Do?


Grind Light is a type of dental guard that provides full protection while you sleep to your teeth, with a very slim design. This is a unique product. It does not require boiling but instead is ready to slip into your mouth. It is not bulky, but it keeps protecting your upper teeth and lower teeth from touching. When you place the guard to cover one molar pain, it provides you with the same coverage and protection you would get with a full guard. Without the bulk, it's more comfortable. In fact, this is the most comfortable over-the-counter dental guard available.

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