Every Day Tooth Paste (100ml)

Stella White’s Every Day toothpaste is an ideal solution for men and women with normal to sensitive teeth. The toothpaste is fresh and developed with a premium formulation that may help to reduce sensitivity, improve the brightness of your smile! Use twice daily for optimal results.

Tooth sensitivity occurs when the hard layer of enamel, which is the very outer shell of the teeth becomes damaged. This often occurs due to plaque development or wearing down over time. The dentine becomes exposed. This is the layer of the tooth just under the enamel. When this exposure occurs, it allows the nerves to be more exposed and, therefore, they sense your toothbrush or anything touching your tooth, sometimes causing pain.

There are many cases to this wearing down. Gum recession that exposes the dentine of the tooth at the gum line is one of the most common causes. In addition, fizzy types of drinks, sweets, and acidic foods and drinks can cause this type of sensitivity due to wearing down of the tooth. Over brushing your teeth can also cause it to occur.

When your teeth feel like this, you may not like to brush and you may find that traditional toothpaste just does not help.

How Can Stella White Every Day toothpaste Help You?

Using Stella White’s Every Day tooth paste may help to make significant improvements in the way your teeth feel. First, it can help to fight tooth decay. It can also help to strengthen your teeth. It does so without creating the sensitivity that you feel with traditional products.

Stella White’s Every Day toothpaste is not a “whitening toothpaste”. This is an Every Day tooth paste designed for daily use. To whiten your teeth and minimize the appearance of stains or discoloration on the surface, Stella White recommends using a whitening system such as 15MinWhite or Teeth Whitening Strips.

Brush your teeth twice daily combined with flossing. Replace your current toothpaste with Stella White’s Every Day and get a fresh feeling and healthy teeth that your mouth will love you for.

Use Stella White’s Every Day toothpaste whenever you normally brush your teeth. It does contain fluoride. Fluoride may help to prevent decay of the tooth and help to strengthen the teeth overall.

It is important to keep in mind that this product cannot restore the enamel layer on the teeth. No product can.

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