Snore Free

Never again worry about disturbing your loved ones with your snoring.

Anti-snoring mouth guards are one of the most effective and easiest solutions to stop snoring.


How it works

Snoring happens when your airway narrows during sleep, which causes your throat and tongue to vibrate. Snore Free is a simple device made from soft rubber that you place in your mouth. It works in a unique way to hold your lower jaw in a slightly forward position which minimizes the vibrating of the soft palette at the back of the mouth.  The gap in the front of the mouthpiece ensures a constant airflow at all times during sleep.

  •  Easy airflow stops snoring
  •  Sleep more, snore less
  •  Custom fit, easy to wear
  •  Dentist Recommended and Safe
  •  Helps you with Snoring and Teeth Grinding
  •  Most users stop snoring the first night

The Anti-Snoring Device is made of material that has been tested as safe and EU compliant. To use, immerse the device in 70-80 degrees water and then apply to your teeth once it is soft and adaptable. Was it not perfect the first time? No worries, simply immerse the deivce into the water again and repeat until happy with the result.

Feel the renewed vigor, joy, and energy that only a full night of peaceful Snore Free can bring.

The Anti-Snoring device lasts about 6-12 month. We recommend you clean the rail daily with a toothbrush.

This custom made precision stop-snoring mouthpiece also makes a wonderful gift.

Secure domestic peace immediately!

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